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What Are We Planning On Doing To Our Building?

Dear Members & Attenders,

I heard a woman say with some excitement, “We’re getting a new home!” When talking of home improvements, common terms get used but what is meant can vary significantly. “We’re getting a new home” can mean 1) we’re building a new house; or 2) we’re buying an existing house that’s new to us; or 3) we’re fixing up our existing home so considerably that it will feel like a new home; or 4) still other possibilities.

Last Spring (over a year ago now) our leaders were considering significant repairs, improvements, and additions to Trinity’s building. And we used the term “Capital Campaign” – it’s what churches or ministries generally call these things. But the extent of those plans, and our leaders’ conversations with you revealed that this was not the best plan or time.

We listened. And that plan is no more.

But now, in planning to address basic (and needed) repairs, we’ve been using the same term – Capital Campaign. So like “We’re getting a new home” has a range of meanings, so does “Capital Campaign.” Just this week I learned that some members of Trinity thought by Capital Campaign that we were picking up with our plans from last year. And no, we’re not doing that.

To try and help people understand what we are currently planning, we will be using the term “Maintenance Campaign.” Hopefully that helps. We will be communicating soon – and with detail – how the projects we will undertake are basically long-needed repairs. Like our roof leaks. Our exit doors need to be updated into the 21st century. The railing in the sanctuary is too short and un-nerve a LOT of people, both upstairs and downstairs. And quite a few other items really need attention.

So if someone says, “Capital Campaign,” please forgive them. We will try to say consistently, “Maintenance Campaign.” But to be clear, we are not reviving our plans from last year. This is a new approach to basic needs in our facility. I am grateful for how generous our people are, that I’m unafraid to share these needs with you all. We will be sharing more starting in May.

Things to pray for:

– Thanksgiving. Give thanks to the Lord for His amazing provision to us as a church, especially in the gift of our facility right in the heart of downtown where we wanted to be from the start of our congregation in 1997 (read more about that here).

– More thanksgiving. Give thanks for God’s abundant provision of people in our congregation, especially in their readiness to share with one another in keeping with His grace.

– Scott McBride, our Maintenance Campaign chairman, and the men and women of that team.

– The contractors, engineers and laborers who will help us. Pray that as a ministry we would be a blessing to whomever comes to work here, especially that we would live out in front of them the hope of Jesus’ love and power.

Tim Rice, Lead Pastor & Director of Church Planting
Trinity Presbyterian Church
301 N. Florida Avenue
Lakeland, FL 33801