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Watching Our Children Succeed

Dear Members & Attenders,

As school is about to start back up, for some (like the office supply ad sings) “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”  For most, it just gets busier.  And for some, it is a life-changing moment.  Some students head to school just down the street but for most headed to college, they are leaving home.  THAT is a profound season of change.

It is the goal after all.  In all clear thinking – even through tears – we want our children to grow up and launch out onto their own.

And that is exactly like church planting!  It is a season of profound change.  It IS the goal after all, as we seek not merely to be a healthy church but to help reach our city for Jesus (it will take many more Gospel-centered churches).  And even through tears, we want our daughter churches to grow up and launch out onto their own.

Just as you lead your own child to prepare for that day, preparing our daughter churches requires investment and a heart ready to sacrifice.  It is good to prepare to send out people we love; it’s good to give away people with talent and maturity.

So, some guidance on how to think about the upcoming weeks and months: As you hear Stan McMahan talk about core group training and preparing to launch worship in Mulberry, imagine what it will be like when they reach someone for Christ that Trinity would never reach otherwise!  When you hear someone get excited about Josh Floyd’s Vision meeting, get excited with them!  Do not be threatened or afraid when you hear of how many people are throwing in with the McMahan’s or when you hear someone joyfully describe the decision to go with the Floyd’s to North Lakeland.  Do not think as if we are losing someone.  We are never losing to participate this way in God’s Mission!  We have the privilege of sending people into the Mission.  We have the privilege of investing for eternity and the delight of watching our children succeed!

Things to pray for:

–  Perspective.  Ask the Lord to help you think not of comfort or convenience, but of His heart for the lost.  Pray that He would grow your sense of mission and vision.

–  Joy to be part of the mission.  Give thanks for all that God has done in saving people like us, for all who have been used by Him to build you to this point in your story, and for the privilege to be part of His mission of redemption.

–  Is God leading you to be part of a church plant?  Can you open your heart to the Father genuinely and ask, “Father would you want me (and my family) to be part of a core group" – and if not now, in the future?

–  That God will pour out His Spirit.  Ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon people who will be influenced by our church plants.  Ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon our brothers and sisters going to Mulberry and North Lakeland.

–  That the Lord will raise up new leaders at Trinity.  Pray that the Father, as Lord of the Harvest, will raise up laborers at Trinity to take up roles and responsibilities being vacated by people we’re sending out.

Tim Rice, Lead Pastor & Director of Church Planting
Trinity Presbyterian Church
301 N. Florida Avenue
Lakeland, FL 33801