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Watching Our Children Succeed

As school is about to start back up, for some (like the office supply ad sings) “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” For most, it just gets busier. And for some, it is a life-changing moment. Some students head to school just down the street but for most headed to college, they are leaving home. THAT is a profound season of change....

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Why Do We Do What We Do: Ordination

Many of Trinity’s members and regular attenders come from backgrounds other than Presbyterianism. Questions often come up about why we do what we do. One of the most common is related to church officers. Why do we have officers? How are they chosen? What do they do? Here’s a few thoughts on the ordination and installation of officers....

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"You Can Trust Me"

An ever-present experience in summer is the parent in the pool coaxing their child to jump to them… I love the water, and I cannot count how many hours I spent in the pool urging one of my kids to jump to me. First, they would jump straight into my arms. Then they would jump to a landing that was half me, half water. Then they would jump into the water just shy of whe...

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The Edge of Vastness

I was privileged to take a trip to the Grand Canyon last week. I drove out and back with my two youngest children, Abby and Campbell. It really was the trip of a lifetime, and what we saw was hard to express precisely because it was SO amazing. Many times we were simply dumbstruck ...

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Should We Partner With A Campus Ministry to Reach Our Area Campuses?

Dear Members & Attenders,  I want to ask you to please pray for us as our leaders assess a significant decision!  I have asked our officers to assess if we are ready to partner with a campus ministry started within our denomination called Campus Outreach (C.O.).  Specifically, a seminary-trained ministry leader – David Springer – would consi...

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Trinity's Roof Replacement Starts!

The weather has cooperated and our roof replacement began this morning, Thursday, June 22. The interior use of our building should continue uninterrupted. However, please use caution when parking in our lot by parking away from the building and closer to Tennessee Avenue....

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Children's Ministry Announcement & Survey

Dear Trinity Members and Regular Attenders, I am excited to announce that we will begin a Kids' Worship program (or “Children’s Church”) for first through fifth graders this fall. Over the past several months, I have been working to develop this plan through feedback from the parents at Trinity and by researching and visiting similar churches in o...

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Encouragement & Criticism

When was the last time someone criticized your work? And what is that like? Surely we learn from feedback; it helps to know how we can improve, even as it can sting. To learn how to work better is a good thing. So why can criticism be so hard?...

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It's Hard to Keep A Good Man Down

This past Sunday I mentioned Stan McMahan's transistion and wanted to give you a few more details. Stan is a product of our ministry where, after graduating college, he started attending. Then as he grew in his involvement, he grew from being a member to training for pastoral ministry to being a staff intern to Associate Pastor to leading a church plant. And time flies w...

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An Open Letter Regarding Trinity's 2016 Capital Campaign

For many at Trinity, you may have little idea that just over a year ago we hired a consulting firm. Our leaders wanted help assessing whether or not we were ready to undertake a fund-raising effort to fund comprehensive renovations for our facility....

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