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Jesus Does the Impossible

Have you ever thought something (an event, an outcome, a goal) was impossible? We humans live in the realm of our own experiences. And because our experiences are limited to our own singular life events and surroundings, there are many things that seem impossible to us....

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Seasons of Growth and Seasons of Change

Last weekend we spent an evening with our daughter and granddaughter churches, united in singing and in celebrating what God has done and continues to do by His spirit and through His people in Polk County. It was an amazing time of fellowship and worshipping together with one voice lifted to our Maker. ...

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Advent 2017 Preparation

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I’ve been waiting a year to say that. We are so excited to celebrate Advent 2017 with all of you. ...

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Back to School Playlist

It’s labeled “Back-To-School” but really it’s just 18 songs loaded with gospel truth to get you going and ready to tackle what lies ahead in your day, no matter your stage of life....

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